Wait and disappeared

Posted: 30 December 2013 in Catatan Senja


What impression do you feel when you are waiting for something?
if I may answer , then the answer is saturated , lonely , and troubled, right?.
do you know ? I thought that wait was the number two most thing I’ve ever hated , after losing .
and now, I felt this both . I waited , as well as loss. How bored it is.

and this is how it feels, boring  and silent . You must have been felt this one ,is not it? I do not know outside there , this impression may be different than what I’ve told you.

Alright . I admit my mistake . I admit my negligence . This time I fell into the same hole. And this is the third time I went to the Mandiri bank with the one and only intention, wants to create a new ATM . Strange , people who never saved in the bank but had mutually atm three times !
Never mind , this is already happening . I do not know exactly how the chronology . Clearly , only a week ago that I think most heartbreaking tragedies , too humiliating .

I remember that time. The first incident when I lost my ATM for the first time was during a trip home to Pekalongan.  I lost my wallet. I was confused at that time. scared. in fact, I was scared and did not dare tell my father and mother. I know, it is the most stupid incident the first time I did.

and this time the same error occurs again. could be due to my new wallet. maybe I’m just in a hurry when I want to take the money from the wallet and ATM card was fall off and fell without I realized.

tricky thing was happening again. I even had to stop myself and push myself to be the most patient boy in the world. well, I sacrifice myself like a poor kid who had to reckless in order to beg money to my friends. but it’s okay, I’m still lucky to have good friends like them. 😀

I guess that’s all, my sad story at the end of this December. at least, I can take a valuable lesson from it all. and fortunately, I can smile again because the ATM card in my hand again. I hope this incident does not happen again.


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